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Conference interpreting

Do you need an interpreter at a conference because an expert from a certain country will be lecturing? We are more than happy to provide you with our conference interpreting services from and into all languages of the world. Do you need a conference interpreter urgently? Urgent assignments our specialty! You can reach us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Apart from interpreting services, Aapeha also has all necessary auxiliary equipment in order to make sure that your conference proceeds smoothly.


An interpreter translates spoken language. This can be done in different ways. The speaker begins to talk, and the interpreter listens attentively. During pauses, the interpreter translates the message of the speaker. This is called consecutive interpreting. Another possibility is that the interpreter starts to translate as soon as the speaker begins to talk. This is usually done from a booth and the listeners hear the translation through headphones or an ear piece. This is called simultaneous interpreting.


A professional interpreter is of great value during your conference with a foreign speaker. An interpreter not only has to translate, he or she must have a thorough knowledge of the subject of conversation as well. For instance, an interpreter at a medical conference must also be well versed in the medical jargon. We offer you professional interpreters in any field. Whatever the subject, with us you can count on high-quality interpreting services.

If you have foreign speakers at a conference, you are not only faced with a language barrier, but also with cultural differences. A good interpreter not only interprets the words, but also the culture. Gestures do not have the same meaning in all countries, which also applies to expressions. Furthermore, the interpreter takes into account the views and background of the speaker and listeners, because this is the only way to guarantee proper communication.

A good interpreter is reliable and never abandons his or her neutral position. He or she does not participate in the conversation, but only transfers the message in a neutral manner.


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